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Sophie's Drawings is a step-by-step drawing application for kids aged 2 to 7.
Follow Sophie’s magic pencil and learn to draw in the cutest way! You may start with basic shapes and then move to more difficult drawings.

Sophie will be there to check your drawing skills and will let you if she likes what she sees. Don’t worry, if she doesn’t like what you are drawing you can try again or use the magic wand to help you complete each stroke. It’s really easy.
Every drawing comes with a surprise after you finish it ;)

Sophie's Drawings comes with 16 lovely step by step drawings divided in 3 scenes:
Initial: Square - Triangle - Circle - Star - Circle Man - Square Man
The Sea: Lighthouse - Octopus - Whale - Boat - Shark
The Farm: House - Pig - Dog - Cow - Sheep

Learn to draw Sophie’s friends, watch them come alive and share your masterpieces with your loved ones!

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