NEWS! Now Kids will Learn to Draw in the Cutest Way!

Learn to draw in the Cutest Way! Indie developer Emibap delivers “Sophie’s Drawings”, a learn-to-draw app for kids aged 3+.

NEWS! Now Kids will Learn to Draw in the Cutest Way!December 12, 2012 - Emibap, an Independent Game developer has released Sophie’s Drawings, a lovely step-by-step drawing App which actually evaluates the drawings stroke by stroke and rewards kids by bringing their drawings to life once finished. Kids will love to see their drawings moving arms, legs and tentacles they just finished drawing, and will have to follow the instructions of Sophie's Magic wand in order to finish each one.

“Making this App has been a truly rewarding experience at every level” said Emiliano Angelini, the man behind this unipersonal studio, who was inspired by his 3 year old (now 4) daughter, Sofía. “I wanted to make something that helped her learn to draw and have fun at the same time, and I wanted her to be a part of it”. The app is filled with adorable graphics man (and child) made sounds: “In addition to the name of the App and the main character, most of the sound effects were made with our voices”. Sophie’s Drawings is available today on iTunes for $2.99 USD, and a Lite version for Free.

EmibapBoth kids and parents will enjoy watching Sophie’s happy or sad face depending on how the stroke was drawn, and then watching every animation as the drawings come alive. For the very difficult parts there’s a magic wand that will come to the rescue and allow the player to continue drawing the next one. The full version comes with 14 drawings inside 3 scenes, in which player will find basic shapes and more complex drawings like a dog, a pig and an octopus. “I’m already preparing more drawings for the next version of the App”, said Emiliano. The Lite version comes with 5 drawings.

He also claims that “so far none of the learn-to-draw Apps that I found analyzed what the kid was actually drawing”.

For more information about Sophie’s Drawings parents can visit Sophie can also be found on Facebook at


About Emibap.
From the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Emiliano Angelini began the transition from the typical Software Engineering job to become an Independent Game Developer two years ago and he’s loving it. Sophie’s Drawings is his first App for kids, and he plans to continue and create a Sophie Saga.